While I wait for the various bits of electronics to arrive, I decided to do a slightly more formal test of the pump.

I pumped a pretty much full 5g container up 74″. The pump was sucking air in the reservoir at 2:15, however: there was about 1″ left in the bottom, and the top bucket wasn’t quite full; call it 10/14 * 5g, say 3.6g. I’d say at 74″ of lift, conservatively, this pump does about 1.6 gal/min.

There’s good reason to make sure the pump is fixed standing upright on the bottom of the bucket. That will take a bit of design.

I’ll repeat the test to see if the pump shuts off when it finds no more water, but I’m not sure it does. That’s a bit worrying. All the more reason to have a ton of intelligence (i.e., only let the pump run for 2 min or until there’s 2″ of water in the reservoir. Good thing that the circuit design is well along the way,